What to Expect at an EEOC Mediation

An EEOC mediation can appear daunting. But, hiring a lawyer from Liszka and Gray, LLC to represent you makes it a lot easier. The lawyer will prepare all the relevant documents needed to have an effective negotiation and will engage in skilled negotiation until a resolution is reached or a compromise is unachievable on the terms you want.

Attending a mediation as the represented employee can come with many anxieties. A lawyer at Liszka and Gray, LLC will walk through each concern you have and will postpone mediation until you feel absolutely confident about it beforehand.

Generally, in the case where the represented employee does not work for the employer, the represented employee will not have to speak with the employer’s attorney or the employer’s representative during the mediation. It is common practice for the EEOC mediator to put the parties in separate rooms for the duration of the mediation: one room for the employee and their lawyer, and the other room for the employer and their attorney. The EEOC mediator will shuttle offers and counteroffers between the two rooms until a resolution is reached or an impasse happens.

Mediations typically last for several hours, but not longer than a day. Sometimes, it is quickly apparent that mediation will produce no favorable results and one or both parties are free to leave the mediation.

Although mediation is a voluntary process, it often results in the efficient resolution of the claims if both parties are truly interested in an early settlement.

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