Reporting Employment Discrimination While Still Employed

In my experience, reporting employment discrimination is one of the hardest things to do while still employed. You don’t want to rock the boat and risk losing your job. But, at the same time, how will it look later if you never reported the discrimination to human resources or high-level management and now you want to bring a claim of discrimination against the employer? Do you really want to work for an employer that would fire you because you don’t like that it condones discrimination against you?

It’s a delicate situation. Before anything else, you should consult with one of our employment discrimination lawyers because each circumstance is unique and requires different considerations. That being said, there are some general considerations which you may want to follow.

Do not in any way give your employer a way to fire you for being insubordinate. Show up to work on time, perform well, and follow the policies in your employment handbook (and if you do not have a copy or do not know the policy, do not assume. Rather, ask human resources).

Create a record, if you haven’t already. Start documenting everything, including verbal conversations. You can do this by memorializing them after the fact in an e-mail to the person whom you had the conversation with. Also, note any emotional stress this situation is having on you and your relationship with others. This can be recorded in a journal and will serve you later in the case that you need to establish you were harmed by the employer’s actions in court.

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