Reporting Employment Discrimination While Still Employed

In my experience, reporting employment discrimination is one of the hardest things to do while still employed. You don't want to rock the boat and risk losing your job. But, at the same time, how will it look later if you never reported the discrimination to human resources or high-level management and now you want to bring a claim of discrimination against the employer? Do you really want to work for an employer that would fire you because you don't like that it condones discrimination against you? It's a delicate situation. Before anything else, you should consult with one of our employment discrimination lawyers because each circumstance is unique and requires different considerations. That being said, there are some general…


What Evidence Do I Need to Win an Employment Discrimination Case?

As an employment discrimination law firm, we get this question all the time. The truth is, it depends on the nature of your case. The courts have distilled the general nature of the evidence into distinct groups. Let me explain three of the most common examples below: wrongful termination, retaliation, and failure to promote. Wrongful Termination on the Basis of a Protected Class or Characteristic. Basically, this means you were fired because of age, alienage, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation, military status, caregiver status, or other protected categories. (To find out all the types of categories that are protected under the law, please talk with one of our lawyers). In order to have a case, you must 1) Be a…


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