5 Things You Should Do When Discussing Your Employment Discrimination Claim With HR. 

Speak With an Employment Discrimination Lawyer First, if Possible. An employment discrimination lawyer can prepare you for the types of questions HR will ask (and what questions you should ask HR). The lawyer can also help you to formulate your "ask". Prepare All Your Documents and Other Evidence Beforehand. People are impressed by organization and documents. A well-organized binder of documents tabbed out with a table of contents makes you appear more credible and makes HR take you seriously. And, when you are well-organized and prepared, it boosts your confidence and belief in yourself. Be Able to Clearly Articulate Your Goal. Getting your goal or "ask" out there right away helps focus the audience. When you state your goal upfront,…


5 Things an Effective Employment Discrimination Demand Letter Must Include

Writing an effective demand letter is an art. I caution against going it alone, especially when you know it will be acted upon by an attorney for the employer who is familiar with the employment discrimination laws. A well-written demand letter can result in an early resolution of your claims. While a poorly-written demand letter can end up in the trash can. Consider hiring a lawyer at Liszka and Gray, LLC to draft a demand letter that highlights the best parts of your claims and applies the most recent case law to your claims. In general, there are several keys to well-written demand letters. State the Basis For Your Belief That You Were Discriminated Against. I've reviewed many client-written demand…


I Have an EEOC Right to Sue Letter, What Now?

Congratulations! An employee with an EEOC Right to Sue Letter can now file certain federal claims in federal court. But, be aware, you only have 90 days from the date of the letter to file your claims in court. If you pass this 90 day period, you will forgo your right to bring these claims in court. It is crucial at this juncture to speak with one of our lawyers to discuss all your options. Whether to file in court or not is a determination that should be made after careful consideration of all the unique circumstances of the case. For a complimentary chat with one of our lawyers, please call or e-mail us.


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