5 Things You Should Do When Discussing Your Employment Discrimination Claim With HR. 

Speak With an Employment Discrimination Lawyer First, if Possible. An employment discrimination lawyer can prepare you for the types of questions HR will ask (and what questions you should ask HR). The lawyer can also help you to formulate your “ask”.

Prepare All Your Documents and Other Evidence Beforehand. People are impressed by organization and documents. A well-organized binder of documents tabbed out with a table of contents makes you appear more credible and makes HR take you seriously. And, when you are well-organized and prepared, it boosts your confidence and belief in yourself.

Be Able to Clearly Articulate Your Goal. Getting your goal or “ask” out there right away helps focus the audience. When you state your goal upfront, it acts as a framework for the audience to structure the facts that follow and allows you to give a better presentation. If you wait till the end (or if you go into it without a specific goal in mind), the audience may think you are just venting and not take the report seriously.

Be Clear About Next Steps. After you have made your report to HR, HR should delineate clear action steps to resolving the matter. But, in case they do not, you should prepare them and discuss them as options with HR.

Memorialize the Conversation in Writing to HR. Ever have a productive meeting, but later the other person forgets to do what they promised? Therein lies the power of memorializing a meeting in an e-mail to HR. It allows you to restate what you believe was said and agreed upon and gives HR an opportunity to correct any misunderstandings or expectations.

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